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A sincere thank you.

I need you to know what D.J. did.


The work we do comes at a cost. We often feel overwhelmed and unheard. Lost in a world of noise, trying to get our message through. And person changes all that.


D.J. Johnson, owner of Baldwin & Co. bookstore and coffee shop in New Orleans, Louisiana, shares our Eradicating Racism: A Path Forward learning series with his community. Overnight, we went from 10 to 25 series registrations.


This one action, more than doubled the number of participants and donations for the class and intern, helps fund our outreach marketing programs and infrastructure.


What does that mean to you?


It could mean that you start or continue supporting black-owned bookstores like Baldwin & Co.. I could mean that you switch from a top retailer to an independent one. We know that where and how you spend money has great power.


It could also mean that the difficult conversation you had about racism and other forms of human oppression has power to make an incremental change. We acknowledge that our vision is lofty and the challenge great, but who would we be if we don't try?


So, today we simply say thank you to D.J. and to all who inspire us to keep going and pushing ahead. Never underestimate the power of one.


In solidarity,

Randee Wilding, Chief Operating Officer


PS: If you're in New Orleans, please stop in and give D.J. a hug from me.


Baldwin & Co. coffee + bookstore

1030 Elysian Fields Ave

New Orleans, Louisiana 70117

Open 7 days a week

Monday - Sunday: 7am - 6pm

Call: 504-354-1741




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