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Celebrating Pride with Howard County Office of Human Rights & Equity

Randee Wilding (he/him/his) and Josh, his husband of 21 years and a past Human Rights Commissioner, have been Howard County residents for 19 years. They have two adopted children who attend HCPSS. Randee is currently the Chief Operating Officer of the Dock C. Bracy Center for Human Reconciliation, a nonprofit with the goal of eradicating racism and other forms of human oppression.

When asked, “what does pride month mean to you?” Randee shared, “pride means celebrating the freedom to be who we are, living fully, authentically, and honestly as ourselves and within our community. We acknowledge and honor those LGBTQIA+ who came before us and fought for visibility and equality.”

The advice Randee would give to someone struggling with their identity is “breathe. You are beautiful and whole exactly as you are. The struggle you’re in may seem never-ending, but you will find your people and your way. You are not alone. Connect. Contact your local PFLAG Chapter and connect with the appropriate support group.”

Finally, Randee believes representation matters to those in the LGBTQIA+ community because “you must be able to see your reflection. Every member of a marginalized group must see themselves reflected in history and in today’s culture. You don’t need to subscribe to a stereotype or single story. You are unique.”



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