January 2022 – Eradicating Racism: A Path Forward

Updated: Jan 24

This is not a transaction.

This requires time and work.

This is the start of a journey, not the end.

Eradicating Racism: A Path Forward is a learning series of four two-hour sessions with the goal of assisting individuals to eradicate racism.

Join us Thursday, January 20th at 7pm Eastern Standard Time for our first of four two-hour learning sessions.

Eradicating Racism: A Path Forward

What are the goals of the learning series?

  • Participants have the opportunity for dialogue about the complexity of racism in a safe learning environment with other concerned people.

  • Participants understand the Center’s approach to eradicating racism.

  • Participants become part of the Center’s Finding Your Voice Program.

What should a participant expect?

  • The