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Facilitator Outreach

Updated: Nov 22, 2023


My name is Paul Bracy and I am the founder and President of the non-profit Dock C. Bracy Center for Human Reconciliation. You have received this communication either directly from me or from a mutual friend, colleague, and or family member. I want to thank you for taking the time to read it.

The Center is reaching out to seasoned facilitators who are committed to DEI to deliver our Eradicating Racism: A Path Forward learning series to individuals across the country.

Let me explain:

Our mission is to support adults who are committed to the eradication of racism. The Center is a community-focused organization offering free education, support, tools and creative problem-solving to assist people in eradicating racism from their communities. Our organization stands out from other human relations consulting and training organizations because we focus on helping individuals explore and align their emotions and thoughts as they work to transform their communities. In addition, we offer free ongoing support to participants in our programs as they pursue their anti-racism work.

Why I developed the Center:

I have been doing human relations facilitation and education professionally for some years, beginning in 1969 in the United States Air Force. The Department of Defense mandated a race relations education program due to racial tension and violence throughout all branches of the military. I volunteered, received training, and set about developing and delivering an educational program for approximately 12,000 military and civilian employees assigned to Kadena AFB, Okinawa Japan. A life changing experience for me. After retiring from the Air Force in 1978, I continued my human relations efforts with a variety of consulting firms and along the way developed my own firm. I retired a second time in 2011.

Seeing that our country was headed further away from healing the wounds of human oppression and questioning what difference I and others made over the years. I decided I needed to do something; something different, something with staying power, something that really supported people who wanted to be part of the solution. This is what led me to create the Dock C. Bracy Center.

Introduction to the Center:

The learning series is the introduction to the Center’s approach to eradicating human oppression, starting with a focus on racism.

Participants who complete the learning series have an opportunity to continue their relationship with the Center through our Finding Your Voice Program. This program provides ongoing education and support for participants to do work in their communities to eradicate racism and other forms of human oppression. The Center is a personal resource to people who continue with us.

The Eradicating Racism: A Path Forward learning series is composed of four 2-hour online sessions delivered once a week for 4 weeks and includes pre-work. We estimate that for participants it is a 16-hour commitment. Presently we deliver 4 learning series a year, one per quarter, usually in the evening with a sensitivity to East and West coast time differences. Note: All our offerings are via Zoom.

Our Reality:

We are a small staff of volunteers, no paid staff, our services are free and the Center is financed through donations at this time. You are probably familiar with this situation: our staff plans and delivers the learning series, along with our Reading for Understanding Book Club, our Let’s Talk quarterly events, plus washes the dishes, mops the floors, takes out the trash, and when we have time visit with our loved ones.

Our success has led us to the point that we need to stabilize the organization and maintain/ expand our learning series offering. Thus our outreach to skilled facilitators, like you, who would like to give back to people in communities across the country and beyond. Please checkout our website:

If you are interested in learning more please let us know by using the form below.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Paul S. Bracy, Founder & President

Dock C. Bracy Center for Human Reconciliation



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