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Power of One: Reverend Dock Columbus Bracy


Picture of Dock C. Bracy holding his great-grandson Paul S. Bracy outside in Boston street.
Dock and Paul S. Bracy (great-grandson) in Boston 1942.

Born enslaved with a father who was his enslaver and did not acknowledge him as his son, Dock’s future looked bleak. He was sent to the fields to work when he was 8. In his teenage years Dock felt called to the ministry which would be his life’s work along with farming. To better fulfill his calling, he put himself through 6 years of college, which was a very unusual feat in 1885.

Ordained a minister in 1888, he served five Baptist churches in Georgia, two of which he built. During his 42-year career as a pastor, he brought 2,000 new members into the church, married 210 couples, and participated in the ordination of 61 pastors and 110 deacons. He also built two schools and served on the state-wide board of his denomination.

One person with a vision for himself impacted his family, friends and numerous people in the religious community and beyond. The POWER of ONE.

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