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Webinar Recording: Shortcuts, Stereotypes, and Preparedness in the Brain with Dr.Chantel Prat

Let's Talk Series by Dock C. Bracy Center for Human Reconciliation

On Wednesday, January 17, 2024, 7-9 p.m. EST, Dr. Chantel Prat presented Lets' Talk Series: Shortcuts, Stereotypes, and Preparedness in the Brain. Based on her book, The Neuroscience of You: How Every Brain Is Different and How to Understand Yours (Dutton, 2022), Dr. Prat encourages everyone to better understand their brain.

Read The Neuroscience of You: How Every Brain Is Different and How to Understand Yours

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"After all, trying to walk a mile in another person's shoes is bound to give you blisters if they aren't the right size. Instead, I hope you'll join me on this adventure and try walking a mile in their brain."

Chantel Prat is a Professor at the University of Washington with appointments in the Departments of Psychology, Neuroscience, and Linguistics, and at the Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences. Her interdisciplinary research investigates how variable brain designs combine with our lifetime of experiences to shape the unique way each person understands the world and operates in it. She is a recipient of a Pathway to Independence Award from the National Institute of Health, and the Tom Trabasso Young Investigator Award from the Society of Text and Discourse. Her first book, The Neuroscience of You, was nominated for a Washington State Book Award and was featured in The Next Big Idea Club. Prat speaks internationally at events like The World Science Festival, and on National Public Radio, and has been featured in a variety of media including Nature, Scientific American, Rolling Stone, Popular Mechanics, and Travel + Leisure.

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